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What is O-R Mapping?

What is O-R Mapping

What is O-R Mapping?

What is O-R Mapping?

The process of mapping java class with the Database table, Java class member variable with Database table columns and making the object of java class representing database table records having synchronization between them is called O-R Mapping (Object-Relational Mapping).

In O-R mapping synchronization means the modification done in object data will reflect in the Database table.

An ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) is a tool that lets you query and manipulates data from a database using an object paradigm.
It’s a completely ordinary library written in your language that encapsulates the code needed to manipulate the data, so you don’t use SQL anymore, but directly an object of your language.

public class Student{
  private int id;
  private String name;

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